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Opitcal Fluoride Material



Optical Fluorides crystal have a good transmission from UV, VIR, and MIR wavelength, the transmission can be more than 85% without coating. And at the same time, The advanced grinding and polishing technique and low cost material have the crystal widely applying in chemical industry, heavy vessel, military aviation, infrared inspection, medical beauty, and optical imaging fields. It can be made into various kinds of optics elements, say windows, lenses, prism, and mirrors.

We have 10sets material growth machines, 4sets cutting machines, 1set orientation finding machines, 2set laser machines, and 1set interferometer. We can supply integrated report for the material bubbles, stress, and transmission, and can supply the crystal rod and cut disc in a better price with very fast shipment say 3-5days, and can supply dimension size range from 5.0mm to 220mm mono crystal and poly crystal in production quantity.

We also supply fluoride crystal and other optical glasses grinding and polishing service. Say BK7, Fussed silica, mono crystal silicon, optical grade germanium, and have a better competition in medium to large optics windows requirement. We can supply 5000 units windows for size Diameter 120mm windows per month. And also build a common commercial stock for small lab requirement.

We believe that improved quality, faster delivery, and better price will win us a long term mutual cooperation among all of our customers’ vendors.

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