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Calcium Fluoride Material



Calcium FLuroide_CaF2:  0.19-9.0um, T>90%@0.3-7.0, 3.0mm thickness witness testing.

Material size:  poly crystal less than 280mm, mono crystal less than 220mm, minimum size more than 3.0mm.

Material tolerance:  Ground rod size : +/-0.5mm, Cutting disc tolerance: +/-0.2mm, fine grinding tolerance: +/-0.1mm. Standard delivery time: rod and disc 3-7days, polishing parts 3-5weeks.

CaF2 orientation <111>, and we can change the orientation to <111>,<110> and <100> via cutting and grind. But it will increase the rod losses, and labor cost, so the orientation requirement effect the price much, if your need this parameters, please marked that in your RFQ.

CaF2 can be divided into mono crystal and poly crystal structure. In fact the performance have no difference for application in protect windows and commercial infrared imaging process, but it do have a big difference in high power laser and imaging systems fields which usually ask for large size mono crystal with low stress. The mono crystal price is higher price of 1.5-2.0times than the poly crystal. And at the meanwhile the growth technique is more difficulty when size than 50mm, and is a very low recovery when size more than 100mm. so the price will be increased much when size is increased for mono crystal.

CaF2 can be divided into UV and IR grade. The UV grade have a better transmission in ultraviolet wavelength (190-350nm), and the transmission is similar as IR grade in other wavelength, but it required low refraction stress, so the growth material cost is higher than IR grade. Please state the application wavelength when you ask for a quotation.

CaF2 crystal has a low value of hardness, and it can be polished by diamond power in a clear condition. We can supply grade III in large requirement and can supply grade II for small customized optics.

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