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Barium Fluoride_BaF2


Barium Fluoride_BaF2:  0.15-12.5um, T>90%@0.3-10.0um, 3.0mm thickness witness testing.

Material tolerance:  Ground rod size : +/-1.0mm, Cutting disc tolerance: +/-0.2mm, fine grinding tolerance: +/-0.1mmStandard delivery time: rod and disc 3-15days, polishing parts 3-5weeks.

BaF2 have a better transmission in long wavelength especially after 10.0um compared to CaF2. And it has good scintillation property which is widely applying in high energy physics, nuclear physics and nuclear medical instrument, and etc. it can be made of various kind of optics element for IR and UV application.

BaF2 orientation is <111>, and mainly apply in near infrared wavelength, and also be divided in to mono crystal and poly crystal. But it is very hard to growth mono crystal in large size. So there is about 3-5tiems difference between mono and poly crystal material. So please make sure marked the mono crystal if you ask for that.

BaF2 is further soft, and is also hard to get a better surface quality than CaF2. So both the material and polished optics are expensive. And we can supply grade III polishing for customized and the production grade usually be of grade V.

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