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Magnesium Fluoride_MgF2


Material size:  poly crystal less than 220mm, mono crystal less than 150mm, minimum size more than 3.0mm.

Material tolerance:  Ground rod size : +/-0.5mm, Cutting disc tolerance: +/-0.1mm, fine grinding tolerance: +/-0.05mmStandard delivery time: rod and disc 3-15days, polishing parts 3-5weeks.

MgF2 crystal shows good optical and thermal-mechanical properties. The transmission is shard down after 7.0um about 80%, and 10% at it is widely used of optical elements such as windows, lenses, and prism in ultraviolet and infrared optical system where extreme durability is required.

MgF2 have a better hardness and short wavelength but easy grinding and polishing compared to CaF2. The surface quality can be reach grade I and the production line can be of grade III. And also it is easy to grow mono crystal and mainly used in VUV and NIR wavelength. So the price has a very litter difference between mono and poly crystal, IR and UV grade. But the growth material is expensive. Therefore the material is most expensive among fluorides crystal.

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